Italesse’s DNA graphic design concept inspired by Red Fruits and Wine Anthocyanin Molecular Structure.
“In a wine glass there’s the whole world”, discovering and experiencing it through organoleptic sensations is a unique emotion. This is our DNA. Studing each detail to create professional stemware which combine emotions and technical excellence.

About us

Founded in 1979 by Claudio Barducci, Italesse immediately attracted the attention of the most renowned producers of wine, champagne, and spirits for its ability to offer professional products that are able to combine form and function, design and technical efficiency.
In a short time, the company began to grow and expand also due to the increasing demand of its products from hotels, resorts and Michelin-starred restaurants that placed Italesse in the professional world. In the following years, Italesse’s growth was confirmed by important milestones and numbers: presence in over 80 countries – many of which strongly wine-oriented, such as Italy, France, Spain and others known worldwide for their attention to hospitality such as countries in the Far and Middle East – with over 3 million glasses produced every year. These numbers soon granted Italesse a leader position in the ‘glassware wine-oriented’ market, confirming once again the company as a model for the most important and exclusive producers in the world.
Lately, Italesse further expanded its professional savoir-faire related to the wine world with the new Senses project, which aims at combining emotions and technical excellence in the tasting experience.
Italesse’s action, from the creative phase to the sale of its products, is guided by a series of choices, values and objectives, some of which, such as attention to ethical issues and respect for the environment that surrounds us, were recognized and awarded, at the end of 2019, with the silver EcoVadis medal, a prestigious international recognition for sustainability.


Our company pays close attention to the design of its products, to shapes that distinguish the object, transforming it into an expression of art and a décor element, so much so that it acquires its own value, independently from its function but without ever deliberately separating it from it, as it remains central.

Technical efficiency

In the act of creating our products, the form, although important, can never be separated from the function of the object. Indeed, the technical efficiency of the object itself is the main objective. This characteristic, places our products among the most appreciated in the professional world.

Attention to details

Design, technical efficiency, and professional nature of the products are elements that can only be achieved by paying attention to the smallest details, from the design of the product to its production.

Quality of materials

For Italesse, every creative and technical effort is futile if high quality materials are not used in the production process.

Search for emotions in the sensory perception of products

For Italesse, a product cannot be said to be finished if, in addition to being beautiful and functional, it fails to have another important characteristic: being able to excite in every possible way, through the organoleptic or tactile sensations perceived in its use or through the play of shapes and their visual impact.

Ethics, environment and sustainability

Attention to those who work with us, those who choose our products and the environment that surrounds us characterize our corporate activity. Italesse is constantly committed to guaranteeing safe production processes, protecting the rights and equal opportunities of workers, making products that are not harmful to humans, while at the same time seeking to contribute to respect for the environment, committing itself to make more and more sustainable products and investing in research into new bio-materials.

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